Configurator Solutions Ltd

The Problem

Documented review of 3 websites highlighting usability, accessibility and areas for improvement. Reviews were conducted and structured to cover the following keys areas; where improvements were seen a recommendation was provided.

  • Home Page
  • Task orientation
  • Information architecture
  • Forms and data entry
  • trust and credibility
  • Writing and content quality
  • Page layout and visual design
  • Search functionality
  • Help, feedback and error tolerance

Who i worked with

The project was co-ordinated with a senior member of the company.


Tools utilised to complete this project included;

  • Multiple web browsers to see varying rendering issues
  • Developer tools to review and provide feedback
  • Accessibility testing tools
  • And good old pen and paper for notes

Project Outcome

The client was very satisfied with the overall review, which highlighted a number of areas for improvements and bugs within the site. The client utilised the review to implement a number of changes to the website. Unfortunately, the results of these are not known.