The Problem

Ignitec requested a User Experience (expert review in video format) of their website. There were no specific criteria listed, they were just interested to hear thoughts and advice. We decided a video review would be the best deliverable for this.

Who i worked with

The project was co-ordinated with a senior member of the Ignitec company.


Tools utilised to complete this project included;

  • Multiple web browsers to see varying rendering issues
  • Developer tools to review and provide feedback
  • Screen Capture tool
  • Microphone for expressing feedback

Project Outcome

The client was very satisfied with the overall video, highlighting a number of areas for improvements and bugs within the site. The client was kind enough to leave the following feedback.

“Alex did a brilliant job, he provided a very thorough and in-depth review of all aspects of our site and as well as pointing out the problems suggested was to improve each. Many thank, Alex!”