Quinta Do Campo

Project Motivation

A property owner looking to set up a holiday let website for their sole property abroad. The site needed to generate rental bookings by providing the user with a feel for the quality, layout and value that they would be getting from this property over others.


With no existing website, the client had listed their villa with an agent, but their hefty commission and management fees pushed the client towards their own website to generate bookings online, directly with them as the owner. The rental of this property would be the sole source of income for the client, so this project was of the utmost importance to them.

The project was co-ordinated with the client’s photographer, video editor and copywriter, as well as the client themselves as the key stakeholder throughout the project.


Key tools utilised throughout the project included Adobe Photoshop for wireframes, design, and image editing. The website was hand coded in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. A Bootstrap framework was used for responsive development. YouTube was used for video hosting, and the website utilised a content delivery network to improve site performance and security.


Stage One: Brief

The project kicked off with a client questionnaire, followed by a requirement gathering workshop conducted via Skype. Further workshops were conducted over the course of the project, in particular when deciding how to best utilise and showcase the photographs and video features on the website.

Stage Two: Research

Competitor analysis, both on agency websites and self-managed websites, and user research enabled the site map and features / functions list to be assembled. To enhance this phase, meetings were held with rental agencies to understand their thoughts on the website content.

Stage Three: Skeleton

Utilisation of all of the parts from the first two phases to build a wireframe for the website.

Stage Four: Styling

Sketches of initial design ideas, coupled with positioning of photograph printouts, enabled the client to identify with the website and feel that it would do their loved property the justice it deserved.

Stage Five: Visualisation

Photoshop designs and various image editing stages aided the client in choosing which photographs to use.

Stage Six: Development

Following the final design sign off, the project moved into the development stage. The website was custom coded in HMTL, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, with integration of a YouTube video to showcase the property.

Project Outcome

On site launch, Google Analytics showed immediate interest and has been responsible for at least 4 of the recent 9 multi-week bookings throughout the summer of 2018. Interest continues to grow and the client is now receiving bookings for 2019.

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