A bit about me

My passion for UX started back in my first job out of University. I was tasked with project managing the company’s new website build, as we were using an outside agency to build our WordPress site. After launch, I learnt to update, maintain and improve the website we had. This is where my initial interest in web design / development began.

Over many evenings I spent hours learning about design, development and WordPress, which led me to building my first site for a family member. It wasn’t great, but at the time I was proud of it. From there I completed a few more small sites.

Eventually I ended up leaving the company I was working for, to create my own business and provide myself more time to study. Three months into running the business I came across the term UX, so my next study path started! I spent hours reading books; anything from Don’t make me think, Elements of User Experience, and the UX Team Of One, to mention just a few.

My studying moved online thanks to the Interaction Design Foundation (an amazing non-profit community), where I have taken many courses and I am still taking on more today. Profile

Most recently I have been working for a company as a UX Designer, working on a multitude of projects ranging through web/mobile apps, CRM, project management, and web development.

My passion for UX has never changed, but recently I have been learning more about Front End Web Development, the cloud, and PHP to help build this site. So, I guess I’m becoming more of a hybrid; a passion for UX, but I also love to know how to build the final product!


UX Design
User Research
User Testing
Accessibility WCAG 2.1
In browser design and prototpe
GOV.UK Design System (GDS)

Technologies used