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Why Choose Kingsley Media for your Web Design or SEO Services

Design and Functionality

You need a web designer that understands the ins and outs of both design and functionality. Kingsley Media brings experience that’s equally trained on effective visual design and intuitive interfaces, all for an effortless end-user experience. From incorporating Twitter and Facebook to seamless multimedia integration, Kingsley Media keeps your company in front of the competition. The result is a website that connects with users, speaks for you, and delivers your message from start to finish.

Branding and Marketing

Your website needs to represent accurately who you are: your identity, your product or service, your goals. Kingsley Media does this through a customer analysis regarding your branding and marketing message to create websites that represent everything about you. We will work with your existing branding along with your functional needs to create the most effective website possible.

Professional Service

We provide a professional service you can depend on — designed to deliver tangible, clear-cut results. At the start of your project, we outline objectives and timeframes, so that at any point you have a clear idea of progress-to-date and successes achieved. Throughout our involvement with your project, we are on hand to deal with your issues when and how they arise and to respond in a timely and creative way. We partner with you for your success.

Project Management

We provide a professional and comprehensive project management service. We work in close partnership with you to clarify your goals and define the scope, time and budget for your project — and we function correctly within the parameters agreed on at the outset. We are experts at managing resources for optimal results. Professional project management saves you precious time and delivers satisfaction with efficiency, so talk to the professionals. Talk to Kingsley Media.


Experience. You cannot buy it, and you certainly can’t fake it. It has to be earned the hard way and the real way, we have done just that! We have been around long enough to know what we are doing, and to anticipate what you need.

Clear Message

In a media landscape, that is full of clutter, for your voice to be heard, you need one clear message… delivered well. We believe there is strength in simplicity. We are expert at distilling your ideas down to that one crystal-clear message. We are then experts at directing and reinforcing your message through the visual and functional aspects of your website.

If you need any more information on your WordPress Web Design or WordPress SEO Servicestalk to Kingsley Media