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User Experience Projects & Consulting

Organisations are recognizing that Web, mobile and product design is more than just creating clean, well-structured code and funky graphics. Products that really work fulfill the strategic objectives of the organisation whilst meeting the needs of the users at the same time. The latest and greatest technology won't aid in the balancing of these goals without a cohesive, consistent user experience to support it.

Service Design Sprints, UX Design, UX Designer, UX Consultant Kingsley Media LTD

Design Sprint

Start making better products with less risk, in just 4 days.

The design sprint is a four-day process that allows you to reduce risks and investment more consciously in a new project. The design sprint helps explore a problem, identify a range of solutions, select the best one, and verify the effectiveness with users that actually use your product. All in just four days. Pioneered by Google venture; the venture capital fund of Google.

Service Expert Design and Review, UX Design, UX Designer, UX Consultant Kingsley Media LTD

Expert Design & Review

Want a way to watch your users test your design, in ways you might not have imagined! Need a rapid way to audit or benchmark your current or proposed design? Or just need to improve your current website experience? Key services that can offer solutions to these questions can be found, this area contains offerings based around these core questions.

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