January 16, 2021
The importance of regularly backing up your WordPress site or any site

One of the biggest mistakes a website owner can make is failing to regularly backup their site. Usually, the reason people fail to do so is the belief that, because nothing has gone wrong so far, nothing will likely go wrong in the future. The problem is that it only takes one unlucky circumstance for you to completely lose much of your site, and you would need to spend a lot of time and money retrieving the lost data. To help convince you of the importance, here are three reasons why you should regularly backup your WordPress site.

1. To protect against hacking

WordPress is now the most popular website platform in the world, which, unfortunately, has made it prone to being a hacker target. A hacker could one day gain access to your site and delete everything you own and replace it with their own content. By backing up regularly you are safeguarded against such malicious attacks.

2. Outages from your server

All servers experience some kind of occasional outage, which could be a problem if you don't back up your site. In most cases, the servers are able to retrieve your files, though in other cases, certain files may get lost and they have to revert to an older version of your site. In such unlucky circumstances, you would be best served by having a backup version of your site ready. 

3. Human nature

Even the most experienced developers make mistakes from time-to-time which could see you implementing the wrong changes to your site, or deleting key files. By having a backup version, you can easily revert back to the version of your site before you made any unwanted changes.

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