West Africa Childrens Charity

A small charity with an existing but outdated website, looking to replace their existing outdated and non-responsive website.

Project Motivation

A small charity with an existing but outdated website, looking to replace their existing outdated and non-responsive website.

The existing website did not meet current standards, was not mobile responsive, and most importantly it was ineffective at generating donations. The client wanted a fresh look, on which they would begin a new fundraising campaign to generate donations.


The stakeholders in this project were two volunteers who were taking overall responsibility for generating donations. The volunteers for the charity have spent countless hours fundraising, and many have travelled to Africa to volunteer first hand. As passionate and enthusiastic volunteers, the stakeholders were keen to get involved in any way possible.


Key tools utilised throughout the project included Adobe Photoshop for wireframes and design, Invision for basic clickable prototype development, and custom HTML and CSS for website development.

A custom coded HTML/CSS website was chosen as the charity were not regularly updating the website with new content, so a content management system would have unnecessarily increased costs.


Stage One: Brief

The project kicked off with a client questionnaire, followed by a tailored half-day requirement gathering workshop.

Stage Two: Research

User testing identified a complex donation process and user difficulty in finding how to donate. This research enabled a new user journey to be mapped for making donations.

Stage Three: Skeleton

Utilisation of all of the parts from the first two phases to build a wireframe and sketch some initial design ideas for the website.

Stage Four: Styling

Sketches of initial design ideas enabled the client to physically scribble on paper and really contribute to the new, fresh look that they wanted to have.

Stage Five: Visualisation

Photoshop designs and Invision clickable prototypes empowered the client to identify with the website. Through 4 overall iterations, the client explored various ideas on how to showcase the work they have done over recent years.

Stage Six: Development

Following the final design sign off, the project moved into the development stage. The website was custom coded in HMTL and CSS, with integration of PayPal to make donations easier for the user.

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