Design and Review

Expert Review

Expert reviews are a rapid way to audit or benchmark your current or proposed design. Expert reviews combine user advocacy, best practice, and user interface style guide adherence.

An expert review, also known as a website audit, is a method of inspection designed to highlight usability problems in an online product or service. The review analyses the product or service to identify any potential usability issues.

Top 3 Benefits

  • Identify issues and opportunities with your design
  • Spot errors, confusions, and problems early on
  • Audit your design's compliance against UX best practices
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Usability Testing

Watch your users test your design, in ways you might not have imagined! Usability testing is the most powerful tool to use to see if your design works. Testing with users can answer a range of questions; is the design easy to navigate? Are users confused? Does the design meet user expectations?

Usability testing can help avoid features that confuse or complicate the design. User testing is the best way to improve the quality, and help mitigate the risk of delivering a poor user experience.

Top 3 Benefits

  • Measure success directly with your users
  • Validate decisions, ideas, and designs
  • Optimise conversion and user adoption

UX Developer

The UX developer is part designer, and part developer. The role of the UX developer is to improve the website experience for users. UX Developers are important to both the customer experience and overall website success

UX Designers with front-end skills offer immense value. One of the most attractive traits is the ability to speak the famous "developer language". At a time when smooth collaboration is more crucial than ever, UX Developers can simplify internal processes and boost efficiency.

Top 3 Benefits

  • Enhanced collaboration between designers and developers
  • Increased efficiency
  • An understanding of the art of the possible
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