Design Sprint

Start making better products with less risk, in just 4 days.

What is a Design Sprint?

The design sprint is a four-day process that allows you to reduce risks and investment more consciously in a new project. The design sprint helps explore a problem, identify a range of solutions, select the best one, and verify the effectiveness with users that actually use your product. All in just four days. Pioneered by Google venture; the venture capital fund of Google.

Design Sprint, Kingsley Media LTD

How it works?

Lasting for four days, a unique team made up of me and your team will work together following the pre-defined schedule.


Map and Sketch

As a group


Decide and Story-board

As a group





Day 1 Start at the End

Monday morning's session involves structure-based discussions create a path for the sprint week. We ‘start at the end’ and agree on a long-term goal. The goal of this day is to create a shared understanding of the problem to be solved, ending up with a target: an ambitious but manageable piece of a problem that we can solve in one week.

After a morning of getting to know the problem and choosing the target for the sprint, Monday afternoon brings the focus to the solutions. The afternoon starts with a remix and improve session, where we look for inspiration and review existing ideas. Then, we start Sketching; each person sketches, and we look for critical thinking, not artistry.

Day 2 Focus on Solutions

By Tuesday morning, you and your team will have produced a stack of solutions. This is great, but we need a solid plan. So, the morning is spent critiquing each solution and deciding which one has the best chance of achieving your long-term goal. In the afternoon we will create a step-by-step plan for your prototype.

Day 3 Prototype

Wednesday is all about the prototype. I will create a realistic façade, which is all we need to test with customers. By concentrating solely on the customer-facing surface of the product or service, i can finish this prototype in just one day. We will also spend time ensuring everything is ready for Thursday.

Day 4 Test

On Monday the sprint began with a big challenge and a team. By Thursday, the final day, we have created solutions, selected the best, and built a realistic prototype. Today, I will interview customers and learn by watching them react to the prototype. At the end of this day, you will know just what to do next.

What do you get out of this?

Research Report

All the completed outputs from throughout the week, summarised and presented in an easy to understand report format.

  • A detailed understanding of the problem, solution, audience, and success metrics<
  • The assets created during the sessions – photos, notes, sketches, etc.
  • UX deliverables: personas, customer experience journey map, solution storyboard

For websites or mobile apps, this will take the form of a high-fidelity interactive prototype.


Full audio and video recordings of the customer interviews.

My Role

We will work with your team via workshops and remote sessions using our tried-and-tested techniques and expertise to guide you through the process and ensure you get the best results. Specifically, we:

  • Run our pre-sprint research to get more qualified insights
  • Facilitate all the sprint activities, including user testing
  • Build the prototypes
  • Supply the materials
  • Report and document